Guidance and Psychological Counseling

Application and Research Center

Basic Principles

♦ Voluntary participation. The psychological counseling process starts and continues with voluntary participation of a student.

♦ The staff of the unit do not intervene and counsel in areas outside their speciality, instead, they make referrals to other experts.

♦ The information that is shared during sessions is strictly confidential. The only exceptions to the confidentiality principle are the cases of serious harm to oneself or another person.

♦ Respect for individual/cultural differences. The counsellor respects the person’s individual choice and differences (age, gender, religious, cultural, socioeconomic etc.) during the counseling process.

♦ Holistic approach. An individual is evaluated as a whole with emotional, social, academic and physical difficulties and strengths within the socioeconomic context that he/she lives in.

♦ The counselling process empowers the person via promoting the strengths of a person and self-determination skills.

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