Guidance and Psychological Counseling

Application and Research Center

Group Support

Group workshops offer a safe and supportive space for you to share your difficulties and find solutions with peer students. The common difficulties expressed during counseling sessions and demands by students are considered while determining group themes. The groups are facilitated by the mental health specialists in the unit or the major students of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Master’s Programme.

The groups might be organized in two different formats:

One-session workshops

♦  12-24 participants

♦   These groups are theoretical and applicational workshops that focus on certain themes such as time management and stress management

Multiple-session groups

♦  6-12 participants

♦ These groups aim at the participants to promote self-awareness and coping in a supportive relationship with other group members. Art therapy and drama methods are used. It might last for 4 to 8 sessions and requires regular attendance in scheduled time.

♦  There are some principles for all group members to follow such as confidentiality, respect for differences, listening to other group members, voluntary participation

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