Guidance and Psychological Counseling

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Individual Counseling

Counseling is a process of dealing with problems with the support of a mental health specialist. It aims at the personal, interpersonal and academic development of the student.

Individual sessions provide a safe and non judgemental space for you to share your issues and gain a different perspective on adversities. The dysfunctional thought and behavior patterns are detected and challenged with functional patterns.

The counseling process might focus on a specific problem in the short-term; as well as self-discovery and transformation in the long term. The success rate of the counseling increases with the appropriate interventions along with the regular attendance of the person.

In what areas individual counseling is offered?

♦    Academic issues such as effective studying, test anxiety, attention and motivation

♦  Adaptational issues such as change of city/country, separation from family, adaptation to university/dorm life

♦ Emotional issues such as anxiety, anger, depression, post traumatic stress, loss and grief

♦ Interpersonal issues such as making friends, family relationships, romantic relationships

… and any other thing that you have difficulty sharing with someone but you feel the need to share

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