Guidance and Psychological Counseling

Application and Research Center


  • Once you fill in the Application Form, you will be contacted for the first appointment as soon as possible. The period of the first contact might extend up to 2 weeks related to the schedule of the unit.
  • In the first session, the aim is to identify the support type that you need. You can be referred to another specialist after the first session.
  • The counseling sessions usually last for 45-50 minutes, once in a week.
  • The frequency and the duration of the sessions are decided by the counselor together with the student. The number of individual sessions at REDAM unit is limited to 8 sessions.
  • In case of coming late to an appointment, the session will take place in the planned time and will not be extended further.
  • In any case of cancellation/rescheduling of the sessions, you are expected to inform the counselor at least 24 hours before the session.
  • In case that you do not attend your appointment without any prior notification, a new appointment cannot be assigned in the same week. If the same situation repeats for the second time, you need to apply again to continue using the counseling service.
  • You might be asked to fill some forms to identify your personality characteristics, strengths, and difficulties better.


* All of the services of the REDAM unit are free of charge for the students.

* The counseling service is provided in two languages: Turkish and English.

* In case of an emergency, you can visit REDAM (room K329/330) without waiting for an appointment.

* If you don’t show up for the first session without any prior notice, it is assumed that you gave up for counseling.

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